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Force feeder two stage film granulation line(mother-baby granulation line)

Double stage Film granulation line:

1。        Double-rank granulation line is mainly used to recycle & reprocess waste and new plastic PE, PP。

2。        We use force feeder, as the screw can exclude gas and steam, after plasticization and extrusion, the particles can have high density, nice surface, high output, stable extrusion。 Customers can certainly adopt that they need 。

3. We could also design special granulation line according to the customers’ requirements.

1。screen changer is up and down, and force feeding the material, this design is very suitable for film, bags like big film。

2.Two stage can Relieve pressure of the first stage, stable the pressure of the die and cutter equally and stably .

Model Screw diameter(mm) L/D Output(kg/h)
QL-100/90 SJ-100 100 25~33 100~160
SJ-90 90 8~10
QL-120/100 SJ-120 120 25~33 150~200
SJ-100 100 8~10
QL-150/120 SJ-150 150 25~33 250~350
SJ-120 120 8~10
QL-200/160 SJ-200 200 25~28 400~600
SJ-160 160 8~10

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