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This is a new type plastic pulverizer。 The door can be opened in order to check and repair。 This pulverizer adopt SMP wind cooling, can cooling the material, blades and tooth plate directly。 And the strong wind can reduce the temperature in the machine in evidence, this is more suitable for Thermal sensitivity plastic, With the airflow by high speed of rotary disc cutter, the material is throw to tooth plate by centrifugal, pulverizer by the hit and frication of cutter and tooth plate。 The small powder is sent out by air and, but the big powder which stick the tooth plate can not be sent out until they milled into small powder。

       Ⅱ、Work Priniciple

       1、The work part of this machine is disc cutter. High speed material hit the tooth plate and tooth slice milled then throw out by absorb blower. The big material will hit again and again until they are threw out. This way mill can reduce the weigh of disc cutter and improve the efficiency of pulverizer, besides this way mill can let material cooling more equally.

            2、If feeder the material equally or not is the most important for the machine, because of different type and different size of material, this machine adopt absorb blower device. The feeding valve control the feed quantity, the air door cover control the feed speed, this way can avoid the feeding difficultly problem. Use valve which under the hopper to control the quantity of output material, the speed can be controlled by Tilt angle(the max size of material for pulverizer is 15MM)

       3、The most advantage of this machine is low temperature .The machine will change to 860kCal heat per hour when it is running. This machine is External fan, the wind can reach 50M3/KW, with this can reduce much heat, other heat can cooling by water. Requirement: the temperature of inlet cooling water is less than 25°and the temperature of outlet cooling water is less than 45°,in summer, people should add more cooling water to reduce the temperature.

Ⅲ、the useful

Our company absorb of foreign advanced technology to design this pulverizer, used for soft for a little hard PVC, HDPE or other material。 In fact, when it pulverizer can add  20﹪~30﹪ CaCo3, and its Chemical and physical properties can be the same, and the capacity can reach 150~250KG(20~60 mesh)。 So this machine is the best machine for reduce the cost and recycling wate plastic 。

Ⅳ、Main technical parameter

       1、Disc cutter:1 pieces, out diameter:480~500MM

       2、Booth plate:1 pair(Good Carburizing flame,HRC 60﹪)

       3、Cutter:30 piesecs(Good Carburizing flame, HRC60﹪)

       4、Speed of machine:3800r/min

       5、Motor power:30KW。With triangle belt;SPA circumference 1900~2000mm,Total 8 pieces

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