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Respecting knowledge and talents, so that everyone can play to their maximum value in the Chi Hang. "People-oriented" is the foothold of the company and the objectives pursued. Chi Air is committed to creating an attractive, nurturing, cohesion and motivate talented people to the good business atmosphere to attract and nurture talent, and most companies continue to develop endless, inexhaustible source. Chi Hang with the development of Chi Hang to the commitment of each employee, in addition to the company's policy of humane ideal working environment and equipment, as well as a variety of reward systems, so that the Chi Hang colleagues to concentrate on his spare time not to worry about .

Chi Hang, not only provides a comfortable working environment and perfect welfare measures,
More emphasis on "learning, learning to grow the spirit of work, training, contributing to the Chi Airlines has become the norm, knowledge sharing communication is everywhere, of course, the company provides complete training and real-time information services, so that each employee can feel the knowledge-based organization's growing strength and innovation ability.

marketing      2012.04.16    Nomber:3人       Salary treatment:negotiable
Job responsibilities:
Position requires:
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